Ode to a mosquito

O winged oppressor! Let me be!

I don’t like your phlebotomy
I wouldn’t mind a small donation

But for all the irritation

And I’m fine with coughs and sneezes

But you spread more dire diseases

If you’re part of God’s design

He should have made your bites benign

Luckily, I’m highly skilled

In ways in which your kind are killed

You’re like a music note, in that,

If you’re not sharp you could be flat

Besides, at night I’d rather beer

But just get whine when you are near

So save yourself, don’t be a sucker,

Fly on by, you little mosquito.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ada says:

    I just made three donation…


    1. seen2screen says:

      Haha, poor you!


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